Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ok, so I know this is purely a "bolt on baby" and it will never likely go offroad, but its my first opportunity to do a "build post" so here ya go.  We recently purchased a 2002 Toyota 4runner limited to use as Jennifer's daily driver.  Its in great condition, but woefully stock and lame looking.  Something had to be done!

Here is how it looked when we bought it.  Nice and clean: new leather, 65,000 miles.

I ordered up some height adjustable Bilsteins for the front, OME springs for the rear, and some spacers for the front as well.  (Sorry about the pic quality, It took them with my cell phone.)

Got a set of 285/75R16 Toyo Mud Terrains off ebay.  Apparently they are so tall that our vehicle will tip over now.  I think there was a similar warning sticker with the lift stuff too...  Maybe Chris needs one of these on his steering wheel so he will be more careful....

 The new tires, mounted on some Granite Alloys

And here is the end result:

Not too shabby!  I still want to space the wheels out an inch, and tint the front windows to match the rears.  Maybe regear it down the road, but it drives pretty decent for now!  At least, until it tips over, which is imminent if you believe the stickers....

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